What’s the deal?!

Terms & Conditions


The deposit per car is $500.

Flat rate $125

No surprises taxes or hidden fees, the day rate is $125.

who is driving?

2 people can be driving our cars without an extra cost, as long as they are registered.


Treat our bugs with love, and keep them on the road. Driving offroad will result in losing your deposit..


Third-party/liability insurance is included.
For extra coverage, a $15 CDW/LDW can be agreed on. for more info click here.

wet & dirty

Please keep it clean, don’t get in our Volkswagen wet or damp. An excessive dirty or a wet/damp car will result in a additional  $100 cost.

your risponsibility

The client is fully responsible for the Vintage Rental, including damages, losses, and water damage. The client declares to cover the costs before leaving Aruba.

speed limit

Driving over the speed limit results in the insurance becoming invalid.

Do I need to hurry?

When booked a day in advance your rental will be ready at the agreed location at any requested time. Your rental should be at back the agreed location before 8 PM.


  • At least 21 years old
  • In possession of a valid drivers license
  • Experience driving a manual gearbox
  • A deposit

you can't make it?

Don’t worry you can cancel without cost up to two days before your booking. Two days before your booking date your cancellation fee will be 50%. When you cancel your booking 1 day before, or at the day itself  you will be charged the full amount.


The renter gives Vintage Rentals Aruba the power of attorney to use any credit card or company card of the renter if necessary to pay the damages.

GPS tracked

To be able to find the rental after a random drop-off, and to keep track of offroading the rentals are GPS tracked


Our rentals come with a build-in USB charger for your phone.

Low on fuel?

Our beetles come with a full tank. Don’t worry about an extensive cost when you don’t top it off. We won’t charge more than $20 for the day regardless of the gas level.

Random drop-off.

Just let us know if your Volkswagen-powered day is done, regardless of when or where your Beetle is, we will bring our baby back home.

There is no need to figure out exactly where your Beetle is, we will GPS track it. Just drop the key in the glove compartment and close the door.


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