Third-Party liability included

This means that when in an accident with another vehicle, the other vehicle damage is covered, you will still be held accountable for the damage on your Volkswagen rental.

for additional insurance, we can agree on a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)


What is it?

In the CDW, we offer a way to cover any damage or losses that might occur during your day of cruising in a Beetle.

What does it cost and cover?

The cost of the CDW is $15, and it will cover all the costs above the $750 own risk for the driver.

What it cost doesn't cover

The CDW does not cover one-way accidents, driving under influence, unregistered driver, damage after speeding or offroading, accidents without a police report.

the CDW expires when

The driver is not registered,
The driver is Intoxicated,
The driver ignored traffic rule,
The rental has been off-road,
The speed exceeded the speed limit,
there is no police report (in case an accident).

keep in mind

  • Call the police in case of an accident (911)
  • Get in contact with us +297 564 50 78
  • In case you are covered by your credit card insurance obtain a case number, when you are at fault the cost will be directly charged on your credit card.
  • Get all the information of all parties involved
  • If damage to the rental vehicle has occurred in a collision, not by fault of the renter, liability depends on the insurance of the third party. In the event that the third party is not insured or cannot be held liable, the renter will be held liable for any damage to the rental vehicle or to their purchased insurance deductible.


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