About Us

We are Mattijs and Desy and we arrived late 2019 on Aruba with a head full of dreams.

 Fresh out of a Volkswagen-powered 45.000km life-changing trip we set out to share the feeling that comes with driving a vintage Volkswagen and the lifestyle in the slow lane.

We restored two Volkswagen Beetles, gave them a fresh paint job, updated them, and got them ready for the road. While trying to piece the paperwork together we build our business location in the heart of Oranjestad.

More than renting out vintage cars, our business is fully focused on creating an experience, and our location is built to represent this to the fullest. A huge “tikihut” where clients are encouraged to have a chat before or after a day of exploring Aruba in a vintage Volkswagen.


Our Story

In 2014 the door to a Volkswagen-infused life was opened when we converted an old kindergarten Volkswagen van into a campervan we would later travel the world in.

After several years of cruising Europe we crossed the ocean for an American adventure. While crossing the US we noticed that people often had their own Volkswagen-related stories, and that the Volkswagen vibe resonates in most of the people we met.

When we were driving down the Californian coast the idea arose that after these travels we would settle back on Aruba, and we clearly remember the day on the beach when the business idea hit us. Renting out the Volkswagen vibe.

As is the case with every plan there were some hurdles. Starting a rental business sounds easy but it takes a lot of official clean shirt meetings with the government, and besides that 2020 has not been the year we hoped for, let alone the year to get a business off the ground.

The slower pace of 2020 on Aruba gave us enough time to work on our business location and build a solid foundation for our business, because of this we can start sharing our passion with the people who visit our beautiful island Aruba.




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Caya Ernesto O Petronia 26